>Vortex Eco Treatment Plant



Vortex Sewage Treatment System


  • Wastewater from the building enters the Vibro Screen box (1). Here coarse air bubbles are used to physically break down solid matter in the sewage and form a mixed liquor with the water prior to treatment.

  • The mixed sewage liquor flows into the Aeration Chamber for treatment (2). A bacterial culture is present in the Aeration Chamber which digests the pollutants in the wastewater.  The bacterial culture must have a constant oxygen supply and this is provided by a fine bubble diffuser at the base of the tank.

  • The mixed sewage liquor then flows into the Clarification Chamber (3) where it is able to separate into clear, treated effluent and sludge.  The clear effluent is able to flow past the scum baffle and out of the tank.

The blower is on a plug-in timer and runs 30 minutes on and 15 minutes off, saving a lot of electricity for the treatment process. It also allows the blower to cool down. This was done on its EN Test.



Vortex sewage treatment plant system

  • In the Clarification Chamber sewage sludge accumulates at the bottom (settled sludge) and top (floating sludge) of the tank (1).

  • Air from the blower is spurred from the air regulator valves (2) to two sludge return pipes.

  • This creates a vacuüm that sucks the sewage sludge from the bottom of the Clarification Chamber back to the Aeration Chamber constantly (3).

  • The valve that removes the floating sludge must be opened once a month for this sludge to be returned. With all other ASP sewage treatment plants, this sludge has to be removed manually.





Automatic Floating Sludge Return System

In all ASP sewage treatment plants, floating sludge accumulates at the top of the Clarification Chamber.  This sludge must be periodically returned to the Aeration Chamber.

The Automatic FSR System on the Vortex Eco makes the process automatic. This reduces the need for the owner to manually manage the sludge build up in the tank.

No other ASP sewage treatment plant has this ability to manage its own sludge.