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Verm X Sheep & Goats (750g)


Verm X Sheep & Goats. As Verm-X’s reputation has grown so has the need for effective natural parasite control regimes for more animals.

Ingredients include:
Sunflower oil, limestone flour, seaweed meal, dicalcium phosphate, thymus vulgaris (common thyme), allium sativum (garlic), cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon), galium aparine (cleavers), capsicum minimum (cayenne), mentha piperita (peppermint), ulmus fulva (slippery elm), picrasma excelsa (quassia), foeniculum vulgare (fennel), urtica dioica (nettle.)

Is there any need to stop eating the meat of my animals when using Verm-X?
No, when using Verm-X and afterwards there is no restrictions on the consumption of meat from the animal Verm-X was used on.

I keep my Sheep and Goats on an Organic Farm, would Verm-X be OK to use?
Yes, in November 2010 the Verm-X Smalholder range gained approval for use in organic systems following assessment by the Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd.


The Verm-X pellets are 2.5mm in diameter, designed to be top dressed onto standard feeds or corn. Along with the Verm-X formulation the ingredients include sunflower oil, seaweed meal and dicalcium phosphate.

They are ideal for smallholders and farmers following organic protocols to control all known internal parasites and they are gentle on the digestive system.


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