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Verm-X Pig Pellets (1.5Kg)

Verm-X Pig Wormer Pellets. As Verm-X’s reputation has grown so has the need for effective natural parasite control regimes for more animals.

This has led to the development of Verm-X Pellets for Pigs.

 Verm-X Pellets for Pigs are 3mm in diameter, designed to be mixed with daily rations of standard feeds. Along with the Verm-X formulation, the pellets contain dicalcium phosphate,

seaweed meal, limestone flour, sunflower oil and micronised sugar beet pulp for additional fibre.

 Continuing our support for the smallholder, Verm-X for Pigs is supplied in quantities that are convenient for those who may have a small swine herd of 2 or 3.

How do I feed Verm-X Pellets for Pigs?

Add 10g, for all breeds, per head per day as a top dressing to regular feed ration.

Repeat for seven consecutive days each month. Begin after weaning.

 A 10g scoop is supplied in every pack.

All sizes are supplied in re-sealable Keep Fresh Tubs or pails.

A 750g tub will provide 2 pigs with approximately 5 months

supply and 8kg will provide 20 pigs with approximately 6 months supply.

Size: 1.5 kg


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