PM1 - Single Cluster Portable Milking Machine - NEW MODEL

These portable milking machines (portable milkers) for cows provide an efficient and convenient way of milking animals in cases when the use of static milking machines is not possible (milking in the field, milking in the barn) or when attending agricultural shows, for small size herd or sick animals in remote pens.

The vacuum required for automated milking of the animal is created by a oil free vacuum pump driven by an electric motor. Each portable milker comes with a vacuum regulator and a gauge to ensure that proper level of vacuum is maintained during milking.

Pulsation in the cluster is created by a pneumatic pulsator fitted on the portable milker. This type of pulsator has been designed to meet simplicity, precision, sturdiness and reliability requirements. Pulsation rate can be adjusted using adjustment screw on the pulsator. Pulsation ratio is user-selectable. The table below contains recommended values for vacuum level, pulsation rate and ratio for milking cows, sheep and goats using portable milkers.

The milk is collected in a sturdy stainless steel bucket for further transportation.

Complete unit comes with all necessary fixings and tubing for easy assembly. All parts are securely mounted on a lightweight and yet strong and steady trolley which can be easily transported and requires minimal maintenance.

Recommended vacuum level for milking a cow with a portable milker is 48-50 kPa. Pulsation rate is set to 60 ppm and ratio is 60:40.

These Portable Milking Machines are fitted with powerful electric motors designed to run on 220 / 230 Volts AC.

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