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Pig Movement Records
The Pig Movement Record Book records Porcine (Pig) movements on and off your holding.
Record over 450 pig movements in each book. 
  • Date of movement onto your holding (or birth)
  • Date of movement off your holding (or death)
  • Details of identification marks / slap marks / temporary marks
  • Breed of pig
  • Gendre
  • Number of pigs moved
  • Running total of swine on the farm
  • General notes and comments
  • BPA notified of birth
  • Price paid
  • Price received
  • Pig's age (or date of birth)
  • Holding from which the pig was received
  • Holding to which the pig was moved
  • The earliest date the pig can make its nest move.
Fully updated for UK Law and the single payment scheme.

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