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Outside Tap - Hot & Cold - Non-Freeze!_1Outside Tap - Hot & Cold - Non-Freeze!_2

Don't be caught out this winter with a frozen outside tap which could lead to burst pipes.

The Model 22 Hot and Cold Outside Mixer Tap is self draining and has an internal resetting pressure relief valve which prevents the tap casing tube from bursting in freezing conditions even is a hose is unintentionally left on.

Ideal for a variety of purposes such as car washing, dog washing, horse washing etc etc.


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Please note that to provide greater flexibility for fitting, all taps are now supplied with 8" Tails.

The tap is intended for garden purposes and designed for residential outside water service application.

  • Standard UK male hose thread nozzle
  • Inlet is UK BSP fitting
  • Stainless steel sear
  • Full circle operating threads on valve body and retainer
  • No-lead solder
  • Standard “O” size seat washer
  • Oval, powder-coated, die cast aluminum handle
  • Optional "vandal resistant" Tee Key available on request (Select below)
  • Adjustable polycarbonate wall flange

The Model 22 Freezeless Outside tap is designed to empty the tap body and the pipe work through the wall on closing the tap thus the tap and pipe will not freeze.

If a hose etc is left connected which would prevent the tap emptying, the valve will operate upon freezing, preventing damage to the tap and pipework. However, in this case the tap could not be used until thawing occurs.

Please note:

The tap contains a check valve on both the hot and cold supply pipes, if your system is gravity fed and running at less than 10 psi, then the check valve on the hot side can reduce flow to unacceptable levels. If you select "Gravity Fed" above, then the check valve will be removed from the hot side of the tap prior to shipment.

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