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JFC Single Calf Hutch BPCH

JFC Single Calf Hutch BPCH. Calf hutches also act as isolation units when buying new calves or administrating treatment to infected stock thereby protecting the general herd.

JFC offer an extensive portfolio of calf hutches suitable for single and group housing. JFC hutches are strong, durable and weather resistant.

They are well ventilated and easy to clean making them an extremely hygienic housing option.
Dimensions: 1651 x 1270 x 1270 mm.

Healthier calves with reduced infections.

Calf Hutch Lower veterinary and pharmaceutical costs.

Calf Hutch Lower calf mortality rates.

Calf Hutch Allows calves receive individual attention and more effective feed monitoring.

JFC Ringfort Feeder Reduces bedding costs.

Produces calves with faster growth rates, higher weaning weights and healthier appearances.

JFC Ringfort Feeder A more cost efficient and versatile  alternative to permanent sheds/buildings.

JFC Ringfort Feeder More hygienic, easy-to-clean housing environment.

Colour: Green

Shipping quoted is for Mainland UK and lowlands of Scotland only, for all other areas please contact for availability and shipping prices - Delivery timescale is usually 5 - 7 Days for this item

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