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JFC 30 Gallon Fast Fill Trough_1

JFC offer a variety of strong and durable double reservoir water troughs ranging in capacity from 100 to 400L. The double reservoir allows the trough to be positioned between two zoned areas thereby maximising use.

  • Fitted with a fast flow float valve (up to 175L/min @ 3 bar pressure).
  • Valve protected within a plastic compartment with easy access for servicing.
  • Manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene.
  • Will withstand extreme climate conditions ensuring long life span.
  • Fitted with 2 drain offs for easy emptying and cleaning.
  • Design limits badger access
  • Fully adjustable & accessible valves that comply with water safety regulations.

These troughs are suitable for both internal and external use.

They are easy to install and maintain and can be simply loaded into/onto a vehicle for transport.

Capacity: 136L / 30gal
Dimensions: 1250 x 475 x 310/460mm

Our Price: £99.95
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