JFC 12 gallon (53L) single reservoir water trough DT10

The JFC Single Reservoir Trough 12 gallon (53L) is particularly suited for young calves. They are extremely strong and durable and can be positioned in pasture or the shed/stable.

The trough is fitted with 1/2" high pressure brass float valve (10L/min), and is manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene. Valve protected within a plastic compartment to prevent tampering by animals and subsequent damage.

The JFC trough is stable in UV light and easy to clean, with fully adjustable & accessible valves that comply with water safety regulations, and provides your livestock with fresh, clean and easy accessible water drinking water.

Low profile makes its ideal for calves, and can be positioned in tight spaces in pasture or shed/stable, and will withstand extreme climate conditions ensuring long life span.

Easy to transport and move around.

Capacity: 53L / 12gal
Dimensions: 685 x 457 x 255mm

Our Price: £73.95
Inc VAT @20%

Cheapest Shipping cost: UK Mainland (31 Kg) - 48 Hour Courier : £16.80


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