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Holding / Flock Register for Sheep & Goats

Previously the Sheep and Goat Flock / Movement Record Book

Fully updated for SPS and new rules for individual sheep records (DEC 09)

The "Holding (Flock) Register for Sheep & Goats" records ovine (sheep and goat) movements on/off a holding.
Record over 400 ovine movements per book:
  • Date of movement
  • Running total (with subtotals for ewes, ewe lambs & other)
  • Type of movement (purchased, sold, dead, born...)
  • Number of sheep or goats moved
  • Category of sheep or goats moved (ie., ewes, ewe lambs, rams, etc.)
  • ID number
  • Transporters name & vehicle registration
  • CPH number (or address) for holding of departure
  • CPH number (or address) for destination holding
  • Comments (use this for additional information including cause of death, name of buyer or seller and market lot numbers.
Record over 250 replacement tag records per book:
  • Record the date of tag replacement
  • Number of replacements
  • Replacement tag details
  • Previous or surviving tag details (if known)
  • Comments.
Fully updated for UK law & Single Payment Scheme

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