Farm Yard Hydrant / Outside Tap - Non-Freeze!

Don't be caught out this winter with frozen taps and farmyard stand pipes, the Y34 Farmyard Hydrant has been in manufacture and use since 1929, and whilst updates have been made to the design, the basic function and design remains the same. Manufactured from heavy gauge materials the Y34 Anti-Freeze Farmyard Hydrant will provide many years reliable service. The Y34 No-Freeze Hydrant can be used for irrigation purposes, for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care, watering livestock etc. They have an immediate water flow even in sub zero temperatures.

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Features Include:

  • Adjustable Link - Provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension.
  • Rod Guide - Eliminates side pull on rod, reduces wear on packing, packing nut & stem.
  • Flow Finder and Lock - A simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time or lock against accidental opening.
  • Long Life Packing - Graphite packing for lubricity and long life.
  • One Piece Variable Flow Plunger - Large cushion type seal for longer life - is not easily damaged and assures shut-off even when foreign particles are present.
  • Automatic drain feature - plunger opens drain to prevent freezing - closes at any flow to prevent wasting water.
  • Fitted with standard BSP connections for use in the UK and accepts direct connection of 25mm MDPE pipe.

Design Specifications:

Maximum Working Pressure: 125 p.s.i.
Maximum Temperature: 120 deg F

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