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Antibiotic Tests x 25 - Delvotest BLF_1Antibiotic Tests x 25 - Delvotest BLF_2
This is a new 5 minute test for Beta-Lactam antibiotics. Designed for rapid evaluation of milk tankers, it is therefore ideal for testing your farm bulk tank quickly, before the tanker arrives!

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Both Delvotest® BLF and Delvotest®SP-NT incubate at the same temperature (64°C +/- ½°C).  So, if you already use Delvotest®SP-NT you do not need to buy a new incubator. Purchase a pack of Delvotest® BLF and you can check your tank for beta-lactam antibiotics in just 5 minutes, whenever you suspect a problem. 

Key facts:
•    Results in 5 minutes.
•    Narrow spectrum – detects beta-lactam antibiotics.
•    Uses same incubator as the Delvotest®SP-NT.

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